Music. From start to finish.


Working in our various studio locations we will create an environment that is confortbale for you and your music. We provide instrument tracking, 24 channel mixing console, and a vocal recording booth.


After tracking is completed we provide the mixing and mastering with a variety and outboard gear and in the box plugins.


Along side SoundSol's ability to record and mix your music, we also provide services for promoting your brand. We create unique album designs, logos, and general brand imagery.


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SoundSol Records



From an early age creator Noah Wise knew his passion for music. Playing in various bands and other music groups he gained his ear for perfect tones and rhytms. Noah took his talents and began produces his own music. He soon realized his love for recording and mixing music which led him to found SoundSol Records. Within SoundSol he heads the music produciton studio which involves recording, mixing, and mastering the music. SoundSol does not stop there. They follow the client all the way to the finish line, working hard to create a unique brand and designed centered around the artist. SounSol Records has allowed Noah to share his talents to musicians all over world. Scroll down for more info on Noah Wise.

Behind the Magic

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Graphic Design, Videography

Noah Wise


Originally from York, Pennsylvania, Noah came to Philadelphia to be in the heart of a thriving media market and to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Temple University’s esteemed Media and Communication school. He has interests and experience in audio production, videography, and graphic design.

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